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Endless thanks to 200+ players who did not leave us alone in beta :cool:

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Cycle Online - The 80 Cap Legend Returns!

Get ready for an exciting journey, because Cycle Online is back! With a focus on the 80 cap level, the best cap in Silkroad Online history, our legend that started in 2015 is now coming back to life. Cycle Online is back to bring you a unique and unforgettable experience!

Unique Experience: Cycle Online aims to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Focusing on the 80 cap level, we offer a game balancing that will allow your characters to develop in a strong and balanced way. Get ready to relive the exciting atmosphere and competitive spirit of Silkroad Online!

Seamless Gameplay: Cycle Online offers a seamless and smooth gaming experience with OVH Server infrastructure and Maxiguard Filter. In this way, we ensure that our players get the best performance while enjoying the game. Choose us for a seamless and smooth gaming experience!

Grand Opening - April 26: Our grand opening will take place on April 26! We invite all our valued players to join the Cycle Online world and celebrate this exciting day when the legend begins anew. Stay tuned for big surprises, events and more!






You mentioned that your server has long-lasting and difficult ratios and that you aim to offer good starter equipment to help players reach their final equipment. This is an important step to help players better adapt to the game and overcome challenges more easily. Starter equipment is supposed to support players' progression and make it easier for them to adapt to the difficulty level of the game. This strategy can increase player motivation and encourage them to spend longer periods of time on your server.



Cycle Online presents: Top Level Max Event! Starting with the launch of our server, this competition will crown the first 100 users with Silk prizes. The race combines speed and strategy


Every level up, every victory has value. Join the race to become a Top Level and take your place among the winners. Prizes will be delivered automatically by the system. Are you ready?



We chose Jangan as the main city. The teleport system in this city allows players to reach important events quickly,
so they can continue their adventures without interruption. This feature facilitates participation in in-game activities and enriches the player experience.



The Seal of Moon system provides players with items that can be accessed in many areas of the game and are designed specifically for each player base.

These items can be obtained by challenging mobs at level 74+, or by participating in Dungeon with a 10% chance of winning a Sox Box.

This system allows players to close the gap between their own luck and other players, ensuring a fair and competitive environment for all.

Drop Notice

We are happy to announce an exciting new addition to our game: Drop Notice System!
From now on, when 8 Degree Seal Of Moon items are dropped, a system will be in place to notify all our players.

How Does the Drop Notice System Work?

When a player drops an 8 Degree Seal Of Moon item, a game-wide announcement will be made.
This way, all players will know that a rare item has been discovered.
Also, in the Dynamic Rank section, +1 point will be added to this extraordinarily lucky player! This way, we can easily see who the luckiest player is.

Box Notice System and Dynamic Rank

When Seal Of Moon is released in the Sox box, all players will receive a notification.
This notification will also be reflected in Dynamic Rank and will appear in the box area.
Also, thanks to this rare item, +1 will be added to the player's Dynamic Rank.

We are proud to say that we have entered a new era of innovation! We hope you all make the most of these features.



In order to perfect your slot experience in our game, all slots have been carefully edited.
Each area in the European regions is enriched with level 80 mobs and their defense and attack power has been adjusted to ensure a balanced and fair gaming experience.



The Caravan system brings Cycle Online's killer trading experience to players
. With a 50 M spend, traders can take their caravans to full level, while special trade routes, such as the Taklamakan Special Trade, promise even bigger profit margins.
This dynamic system aims to maximize each player's enjoyment of trading by balancing risk and strategy.


The special Taklamakan trade route offers specially high profit rates for players who choose to trade in Cycle Online. When this route is active, you can spend only 50 M to buy trade items that you can then sell to other cities at set profit rates. This system is ideal for players who are looking for greater economic opportunities and want to test their trading skills.




Hall of Worship is positioned as part of the Forgotten World (FGW), offering a unique challenge in Cycle Online.
Players encounter three powerful Uniques, Yuno, Ziellaxie and Jupiter, who spawn in this area in sequence.
These Uniques spawn periodically after players have defeated mobs and provide challenging battles.
Each Unique has its own drop table, giving players the chance to earn special items.

Drop Table




Devils Garden is a special place in Cycle Online where players help spawn Uniques by slaughtering creatures in the area.
In this area, there are three Uniques named Devils (Left), Devils (Middle), and Devils (Right). By defeating these Uniques, players can obtain valuable drops.

Here are the items that can be dropped from each Unique:
Drop Table


This zone enriches the gaming experience by offering players the chance to think strategically and collect rewards.



Samarkand Job War is an exciting Job mode event in Cycle Online.
During the event, you can enter the Samarkand Job War zone via a special teleport located in Jangan.
When the event starts, five Uniques will spawn in sequence, and when each one is defeated, a new Unique will replace it.
These Uniques offer players a deadly challenge and valuable rewards.



The Solo Unique event is an event where players compete with special uniques in an arena where team features are turned off.
This unique is divided into INT and STR, each spawning at 4 hour intervals.




The Normal Uniques in our game form one of the cornerstones of the game.
Divided into STR and INT, these uniques give players the opportunity to challenge themselves again at 30-minute intervals.
Each unique allows players to test their strategy and skills to earn various rewards.
This dynamic system increases in-game interaction and competition, adding to each player's experience.




Five major Uniques have been added to the game, spawning at 4-hour intervals.
These Uniques, divided into STR and INT, offer players challenging challenges and valuable rewards.




The Job Cave event is full of uniques divided into STR and INT.
Uniques such as Selket, Neith, Anubis and Isis are announced 10 minutes before the event starts.




The Medusa event is a once-daily special event that emphasizes competition and unity, accessed from Jangan through special teleportation points.
It is divided into two different categories, STR and INT, and is announced 10 minutes before the event starts.




The Roc event is a special once-daily event that emphasizes competition and unity, accessed from Jangan through special teleportation points.
It is divided into two different categories, STR and INT, and is announced 10 minutes before the event starts.




Battle arena is an event where you participate as an individual and compete with other players.
The event starts at a set time of the day after the notice announcement and lasts for a set period of time.
During the event, try to defeat your opponents and collect the most points.
At the end of the event, the winning team and the players with the most points individually win various prizes.
Prizes include sox box, honor and arena coins. Arena coins can be used to buy valuable items from special NPCs in the game.
Battle arena is both a fun and rewarding event. It allows you to improve your gaming skills, make new friends and get great rewards!



The Fortess War event, which will be held every week on Sundays, invites you and your teammates to experience beautiful moments full of competition.
In this event, you will try to capture the castle by using your strategy in the best way.
-Fortress Jangan
-Fortress Battle Day: Sunday
-Fortress Battle Duration: 90 Minutes

-Castle Battle Clock: 21:00.
Those who successfully capture the castle will receive a reward of 20,000 Silk. Don't forget to take part in the event and fight for victory!



Cycle Online's unique "Honor Point" system is a dynamic mechanism that rewards players for their achievements in various events and missions.
This system encourages the competitive spirit of the game and interaction within the community, while also giving players a tangible way to be recognized for their efforts.

Ways to Earn Honor Points.
Unique: Earn Honor Points by hunting powerful Uniques hidden deep in the game. These challenging creatures test players' skill and teamwork.
Job: Defeating other players, protecting your caravan and successfully selling your trade goods are exciting ways to earn Honor Points in Job mode.
Alchemy: Item buffs of +7 and above are rewarded with additional Honor Points as a sign of your mastery of the art of Alchemy.
Fortress War: Defeating your opponents in fortress battles not only proves your strategic superiority, but also earns you valuable Honor Points.
Battle Arena and Auto Event: Your outstanding performance in these competitive arenas provides great opportunities to earn Honor Points.
The Honor Point system, which resets every Sunday at 23:59, allows players to start fresh every week and continuously improve their strategy. This cycle ensures that the game always stays fresh and exciting.



In the enchanting world of Cycle Online, players will find not only battlefields where swords clash, but also a unique experience where luck and strategy come together:
Magic Pop. This unique system gives players the opportunity to win valuable rewards such as in-game items, rare items and even limited edition special costumes.
Rewards and Surprises:

Magic Pop provides players with a new thrill with every spin, with a variety of prizes up for grabs.
Prizes that can be won include, but are not limited to:
-Avatar Blue
-Moon Shield
-S Grade Devil
-GDF 8/8
-Lucky Boster %3-Lucky Magic Powder



Event Registration:

To participate in the Survival Arena event, you must register in the Maxiguard Event Register section after the announcement.
Registration must be completed before the event starts.

Event Format
Survival Arena offers players three different formats:
- **Random:** Matches are completely randomized.
- Party:** Players compete in predetermined groups.
- Guild:** Guild members face off against other guilds.

This diversity provides a competitive environment to suit each player's preference.

Event Duration:

Each Survival Arena challenge has an intense and action-packed 10-minute duration.
During this time, players must survive, defeat their opponents and score the most points.



How Do I Participate in the Event?

To participate in Madness Arena, you need to register in the Maxiguard Event Register section after the event announcement. This is an important step to take before taking your place in the arena.

Event Format and Duration:

Madness Arena is a solo event that offers each player the chance to showcase their skills and become one of the strongest in Cycle Online. Each challenge lasts for 10 adrenaline-fueled minutes. During this time, players aim to score the most points and defeat their opponents.



How can I participate in the event?

Players wishing to participate in the Last Man Standing event must register in the Maxiguard Event Register following the event announcement.
Registration must be completed before the start of the battle and players must be ready to take their place in the arena.

Event Format:

Last Man Standing is a solo event where each player fights alone and only the strongest and smartest will emerge victorious in the end.
In this event, strategy and skill are key elements for survival and victory.



Cycle Online invites players to an exciting event where teamwork is at the forefront
Styria Clash. This event will feature a fierce battle between two teams and will require team members to work together to achieve victory.
Defeat the Kill and Box Beast to strengthen your team and defeat your opponents.

Event Participation:

The Styria Clash Event requires participation in two teams.
Players must form their teams and complete their registration in the Maxiguard Event Register before the event starts.
This is a challenge where both strategy and team dynamics are important.

Event Format and Objective:

During the event, both teams aim to strengthen their team by hunting Kill and Box Monsters.
These monsters are located at specific points in the event area and defeating them will give your team significant advantages.
Strategize well and coordinate with your team to defeat your opponents.



In the exciting world of Cycle Online, an adrenaline-fueled event where strategy and teamwork are at the forefront awaits players:
Tower Defense. This event pits two teams against each other in a challenge that tests both offensive and defensive skills.
Don't forget to protect your own towers while taking kills to score points for your team.

Event Participation:

The Tower Defense Event requires participation in two teams.
Players must form their teams before the event starts and complete their registration in the Maxiguard Event Register section.
This event requires each player to master both offensive and defensive strategies.

Event Format and Purpose:

During the event, both teams will try to earn points for their team by defeating the opposing team's players. However, you also need to protect your own towers in the process. Defending your own towers while destroying the opposing team's towers is the key to success in this event.



Cycle Online invites players to a different experience: Drunk Event. This solo event where you aim to survive by running away from monsters,
is an adrenaline-fueled battle for survival. Drunk Event offers an experience that will challenge players' skill, agility and survival instincts.

How Can I Participate in the Event?

To participate in Drunk Event, you need to register in the Maxiguard Event Register section after the event announcement.
This is the first and most important step to join the event and take part in the challenge.

Event Format and Purpose:

Drunk Event is a solo event where players try to survive for the longest time by running away from monsters.
In this event, acting quickly and wisely in the face of the dangers around you is key to your survival. The longer you can survive in the event area, avoiding the attacks of monsters, the higher score you will earn.



Unique Event: Chasing Legendary Beasts in Cycle Online

Cycle Online invites players to a unique event that takes place every evening and offers the chance to defeat the game's most powerful monsters: Unique Event. This event emphasizes the importance of teamwork and strategy, and gives players the opportunity to hunt Cycle's rare and powerful Uniques.

Participation and Preparation Process:

The Unique Event is an excellent activity offered to players every evening. After the Notice announcement, players will have a 10-minute preparation period. During this time, you will need to create a party to enter the arena. Plan your strategies with your team and get ready for the challenge.

Event Format and Purpose:

After the Event duration starts, all Uniques will spawn in the arena in order. Teams earn Kill Rank points by slashing these Uniques. The event will be an exciting challenge where teams will combine power, speed and strategy to try to score the most points.

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